The Journey Continues

Pastor Gacura speaking in Colorado.

Many of you have been privileged to hear Pastor Canisius Gacura speak about the incredible work God has done in his life through many trials. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of Pastor Gacura’s memoir, “Unlimited: Conquering On My Knees“.

This story details Pastor Gacura’s experiences of perseverance through adversity. Despite three deadly experiences due to snakebite, measles, and polio, Gacura pressed on. He crawled for over 14 years, finding Jesus along the way.

Despite his limitations, Gacura became a pastor, ministering in the most staunch Muslim area of the city of Kigali, Rwanda, in the tense and harrowing years following the Rwandan genocide. Pastor Gacura’s pain-filled life enables him to connect with individuals devastated by the genocide of 1994, bringing unity and forgiveness between those who once slaughtered each other.

Stay tuned for details about the release of this amazing story.

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