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Wishes rarely came true, but I wished with all my heart that the cows had not given birth that day. That the weather had been fine. That I had stayed in the village.

That I did not meet the snake.

In 1985 war-torn Uganda, 7-year-old Canisius Gacura fights for his life. Besides the conflict that splits his country, Canisius suffers a poisonous snake bit, measles, and devastating polio in the space of one year, leaving him pain-riddled and crippled in a country unfamiliar with care for the disabled.

For more than 14 years, Canisius is forced to crawl, enduring intense pain, intense discrimination, and severe depression, finally attempting suicide at age 13. Then Canisius meets Jesus. His limitations are suddenly turned into God’s tools for reaching the hurting and lost.

Legs protected by a pair of rubber boots, Canisius begins crawling—to school, to Bible College, and ultimately to minister to genocide survivors in Rwanda. He encourages unity and forgiveness between those who once slaughtered each other. His story of tenacious perseverance through adversity has reached beyond Africa, inspiring the able and disabled around the world.

Read the story of this rolling miracle, a living testimony of what God can do.

Learn how limitations are God’s specialization.