About Me


God has given me a beautiful family.

My early life was marked by sadness and pain, but at the age of 13, I had a Good Friday–I met Jesus. Due to a terrible snakebite and severe polio, I was forced to crawl for many years. However, I learned that limitations are God’s specialization.

After attending Yesu Akwagala Bible College in Uganda, I began to minister in Kigali, Rwanda, focusing on an area of staunch Muslims. We have begun two churches in the area, a feeding program for local children, a radio show, and a Bible College.

In Rwanda, I met my lovely wife, Allen, and we have been blessed with a full quiver of children.

Many people in my travels have encouraged me to write my story. I hope that learning of God’s faithfulness in adversity will be a blessing in your life, and encourage you to share your own testimony.